ponedeljek, 20. julij 2015

Outstanding by s.Oliver
for men 

Hello my friends!

Few days ago, I won an eau de toilette natural spray for men. So this item will be graded by me & my boyfriend Domen. I surprised him with this present and immediatly he liked the box and the name Outstanding. The bottle is 30ml and it's in a convenient shape with blue stripes all over. We both like how it looks. The importat part is the scent. The name describes it perfectly - Outstanding. I love it. I think it's has a very romantic scent. It's a perfect balance of manliness and sweetness that makes a man even more desirable.

My boyfriends thougts: "I like the scent.", he says. "It's sweet, but not too strong. Elegant and casual. I think this may be one of my favorites."

We both recommend this product, we think that s.Oliver outdone themselves. We will both enjoy this outstanding sent that will bring us even closer together.

 Until next time!

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