sreda, 27. maj 2015

KEDEM-salt scrub

Hello my friends!

Not so long ago, I bought this Kedem-salt scrub in our neighboring country Austria. I decided to buy the product, after the salesman told me what great ingredients it contains and after testing it on my skin. I had the privliege to test it on my hands right away and the changes it made were amazing. 

I bought two different scents, because I got a two for one deal. Both are based on the salts and minerals of the Dead Sea. The peachy one that you see on the picture contains peach & honey oils, that make my skin super soft. The blue one has kiwi & mango oils. They both smell incredible. After I tested it on my hands, it immediately showed results. The water in the bowl was dark, dirty and filled with bacteria and dead skin cells that we don't know we carry on our hands. Amazing. 

After I used it at home on my body it felt even better. My skin got a great massage, and afterwards, it was smooth, clean, soft and it smelled like heaven!

You can buy this product on the internet. Click this link: 

These products are high quality, that's why they are pricey. One of these scrubs costs about 50€. I highly recomend this, especially for the summer, it will help remove dead skin cells and make your skin feel luxurious. 

Until next time!

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